The joy of gardening

To have your hands deep in the soil

To have your head bathed by the warm sun

And your heart being filled with a love of nature

The hours we spend gardening are never wasted

We love plants...

Eastfield May 2017

Thousands of plants

In every colour you can imagine

All whispering

Take me home and love me

Lazy summer days...

Garden Furniture

Relax with family

Dine alfresco

Entertain friends

Enjoy “me” time

Shall we...

Eastfield Spring6

Catch up for a chat…

Treat ourselves…

Live a little…

Shall we take one home as well?

Plants for children

Plants for children

Terrific terrariums

Jedi jungles

Amazing aromas

Fearsome flesh-eaters

Let's do lunch


Potatoes from our farm

Prime joints roasted to perfection

Gravy from the meat juices

Need we say more?

Grow your own

Young Plants

Young Plants

Grafted for vigour

Sturdy and healthy

Full of flavour and goodness

Did you know?

Our team can cater for groups large and small…

So, why not book us for your next celebration?