In March so much begins to happen in the garden it can be difficult to know where to start, but with the promise of frost free weather still a good few weeks off, its best to concentrate on hardy plants and shrubs or greenhouse stock.


The very first of the seasons Bedding have already arrived here at Eastfield with a range of baby plants such as Surfinias, Begonias, Fuchsia and Geraniums to name but a few.

Whilst it is still to cold for these to go out side ( a min of 8’C is required for most to survive),  now is a great time to get them growing on so that when the time is right you have strong, well rooted & mature plants for your containers and baskets in the summer.

If you have a lot of baskets to prepare this is also a great way to save  a few pounds as baby plants can often be as much as half the price of larger grown plants later in the season.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a heated greenhouse for these, often they can be just as happy if potted on and placed in a cool, well lit conservatory, windowsill or porch until frosts have gone.


There are still plenty of jobs to do in the garden, and if the late winter has been unseasonably mild the first of the dreaded weeds will have appeared!

Your lawn may have already started growing too, and certainly by late March is ready for its first cut. Scarifying to remove dead grass, moss and other detritus is essential to allow the new blades to come through, and top dressing afterwards with fine lawn soil will improve soil quality and drainage as your lawn begins to grow.


In the borders, hardy trees and shrubs are best planted now, before their roots begin to grow, and adding a good fertiliser such as Grow-more and a handful of Bonemeal will set them up for strong root establishment, Roses too are best planted in March and far friendlier to handle before they put on any growth.

If you are looking for some instant attraction in the garden, consider planting Forsythias, Flowering Currants or the stunning “Bridal Wreath” Spiraea all commonly available at Eastfield. Many acid loving plants begin flower at this time too, such as Camelias and Azaleas but will require an Ericaceous soil to thrive.

Flowering shrubs such as these are always in investment in the garden as they are relatively easy to care for & will offer flowering periods generally much longer than Herbaceous plantings. Being longer lived , these hardy shrubs will give pleasure to any gardener for many years to come.


Happy Gardening

From Eastfield Garden Centre