OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe birds in my garden are a wonderful sight
They herald the dawn and sing sweetly at night
In Winter we feed them with fat balls and seed
We try to give them the food that they need
As Winter is cruel and it’s hard to survive
And we do what we can to keep them alive
In Spring we watch as the young learn to fly
And if one doesn’t make it there’s a tear in my eye
In Summer we give them some tit bits to eat
Some crumbs from a cake for them is a treat
And then when it’s warm and they’re all feeling fine
They thank me by plopping on my washing line !!!!!

Janet Morton


In our Wild bird care department we have everything that even the most demanding bird could ask for, from nesting boxes to feeding stations, peanuts, seed and mealworms.